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What is Holistic Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing has gotten complicated, with new moving parts added almost every day, which requires updating old parts and methods, upgrading them, and even completely replacing them. 

Holistic Digital Marketing is a custom approach to managing these intricacies because we are passionate about consistent results. Our client's online success is our only path to success.


Our holistic method is perfect for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) because it is comprehensive. We can do it all and become your complete remote digital marketing department!   

CJ Rapp
Founder and Principal

CJ has a depth of knowledge and experience with traditional marketing and was an early adopter of the digital shortly after the launch of the World Wide Web in 1991, and built his first website in 1993, He Founded 1 Click Solutions in 2011 to offer advanced digital marketing services to business owners that wanted results from a trusted advisor and provider so they could focus on their core business.

Ratnesh Dubey
Director of SEO
Barbara Gonzer
Director of Business Development

Barbara's background in sales and business growth within the technology industry is impressive. Understanding complex systems, as well as the competitors that needed to be outdone, gave her the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses for her employers and their products to improve and take advantage of and to the disadvantage of competitors. She can play hardball and fights to win.

Valery Malbach
Social Media Specialist

Ratnesh works from India and heads a team of amazingly smart and hard-working search engine optimization specialists. Not only can good SEO improve page rank and online search discovery for businesses, but it can also be used to effectively suppress negative content and competitors. Yes, SEO can and should be used for Online Reputation Management (ORM). 

Valery was an extensive background working with the professional services industry silos; attorneys, physicians, dentists, CPAs, etc. Social media and ORM is more difficult for these types of businesses but just as important. Yes, Facebook advertising for restaurants and sports bars is easy, but managing Yelp is another story.

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