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What is  Holistic Digital Marketing
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?


Holistic Digital Marketing is an approach and method developed and used by 1 Click Solutions, LLC, since 2011. It is the best reason to consider outsourcing business processes to us! 

Holistic Digital Marketing Business Process Outsourcing ~ DMBPO


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) involves contracting specific business functions, such as accounting, payroll, IT, digital marketing, or HR. 


It should not be confused with the concept of outsourcing as a whole. The difference is that with BPO, you outsource an entire business function (all digital marketing, for example) and avoid fragmentation and project management.

Outsourced processes should never be at the core of your business functions. After all, if it's something critical to the company's success, you wouldn't trust a contractor doing it. You will benefit from outsourcing the most when your team can focus more on those core functions rather than trying to learn new skills or adding more overhead than you need to. At the end of the day, this is a win-win for both businesses that enter into a BPO relationship to thrive. Instead of adding a digital marketing team from scratch, you're giving the job to a company specializing in it – and you'll spend far less.

Business Process Outsourcing Benefits

Given that you find the right partner company, business process outsourcing offers many benefits. Some of the benefits include…

Cost Reduction

The most popular and talked-about benefit of outsourcing is significantly lower expenses. Full-time employees require space to work, FICA participation, health benefits, workman's coverage, retirement benefits, PTO, and many more things with hard costs that add up. 

Availability of Experienced Professionals

With no learning curve, no mistakes, and no wasted time implementing the best custom digital marketing plans, you can have a fantastic team working for you in a matter of days.

Focus on Core Business 

Suppose you're a startup or an established business and find yourself clobbered by new competition. In that case, you can't take the time and incur the expense of starting a professional digital marketing department from scratch. While doing it right is essential, chances are, in-house isn't the best place for that. So, by outsourcing to a company specializing in online advertising and all the other critical elements connected (lots of moving parts), you end up with better processes, better results, and a great return on your investment at a much lower price.

This, in turn, allows your team to focus on what's essential for the company – the core processes that make the company stand out and the ability to make more money for themselves and the company!

More Personal Time

What's your time worth? When you spread yourself too thin, not only does your quality of work go down, but the balance between work and life does the same thing. Do you love your partner, have kids growing up too fast, or do elders need help? BPO should be the next thing you work on. You deserve to take back those evenings and weekends.

Access to the Latest Updated Technologies

The right tools always make the job easier. You can only be good at the one thing you went into business to do. It's okay to have a specific passion. Many of the excellent tools we use for digital marketing are only cost-effective for use with multiple clients. It would be foolish to go out and pay for the upgraded features offered at the Pro or Enterprise level if you've ever shopped for the things that work best. 

Rapid Growth & Scalability!

If you want to grow your business, finding a local partner company with the know-how and experience you'll need is easy. 1 Click Solutions, LLC is here to help take your company to that next level. We know industry best practices and have the knowledge and experience to implement campaigns best suited for your business to get great results quickly. And, of course, you are still the boss, so we'll work closely with you as a partner.


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